1. The Tennessee River Agriculture Exposition (TRAE) is a non-profit, educational organization whose purpose is to annually provide an educational celebration of the agricultural industry to promote the best interest of rural and agricultural life for the benefit of the citizens of our county, state, and nation.
  2. TRAE will operate with a free gate and will welcome everyone who wishes to participate in the events of the organization. Likewise, TRAE expects everyone working and attending all events to conduct themselves in a civil manner creating an enjoyable atmosphere for participants and guests to have a positive experience. No alcohol of any kind will be allowed on the grounds of TRAE. The grounds will be opened to the general public each day at 12:00 PM (noon) except for Saturday when the gates will open at 8:00 AM.
  3. The TRAE Board of Directors, its officers, and committee members will seek sponsors for the events listed in the catalog. In the case where no sponsor is secured by the week of TRAE, the event may not be held depending on the financial ability of TRAE as determined by the TRAE Board.
  4. Exhibitors, participants, and food vendors enter the TRAE grounds at their own risk. TRAE will not be responsible for accidents to individuals or equipment, or for the health of livestock. TRAE will endeavor to offer security for exhibited items. However, TRAE will not be responsible for lost or stolen exhibited items.
  5. TRAE will seek quality judges for all events. The decision of the judge(s) is final and not subject to protests of any kind. Anyone who does not adhere to this rule and publically expresses disapproval of the judge shall be asked to leave the grounds and will forfeit any earned premiums.
  6. Only items listed in the catalog may be exhibited. TRAE welcomes suggestions for improvements and additions and all suggestions will be considered for next year's events.
  7. TRAE will operate using a committee system. The committee chairperson will make all decisions regarding their event. Committee chairpersons will not violate any rule of TRAE.
  8. All premiums will be designated by ribbons as follows: first place, blue ribbon; second place, red ribbon; third place, white ribbon. Grand and reserve rosettes will be purple and pink.
  9. All animals entered for exhibition must be entered in the correct names and in the names of the owners. Exhibitors must have registration certificates of animals in all breed shows. Health certificates must be on the TRAE grounds at all times when animals are present.
  10. All articles exhibited for premiums must be strictly the product of the owner, grown, made, manufactured, or owned by the exhibitor.
  11. Except for livestock, an exhibitor may enter only one exhibit per lot unless otherwise specified in the general rules for that department.
  12. All premium checks must be cashed with 30 days of writing. After thirty days, the checks will become void and no replacements will be written.
  13. TRAE recognizes that exhibitors may travel a long distance to participate in livestock shows. Exhibitors must receive permission from the committee chair to load livestock to leave. As a courtesy to our guests, load out will be determined by the distance traveled with the exhibitors traveling farthest loading first, the exhibitor the second farthest away loading second, etc. until all exhibitors have been released. Anyone violating this rule will forfeit all premiums.
  14. All TRAE events are open to residents of Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. All livestock must follow Tennessee Department of Agriculture Health Requirements.

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