Sponsored by Decatur County Chamber of Commerce

Chairman: Rhonda Mitchell

TRAE will host a home-made ice cream contest to be judged by taster's choice. Cookers be prepared to have the ice cream ready to be tasted by 2:00 PM on Saturday. The public is invited to serve as judge for this event to select their favorite recipe.


  1. The contest is open to all ages and you may enter any division or all divisions.
  2. Three Divisions: Best Tasting, Most Unique, and Best Fruit Ice Cream.
  3. Judges will consist of people who attend TRAE and sample free ice cream. Each "judge" will be given tickets to drop into the jug of their choice to cast votes for each division.
  4. Ice cream can be made on site or at home and transported to site. A participant may make as many recipes as desired.
  5. Electric or Hand crank freezers may be used. Electricity for electric machines will be furnished. You may want to bring an extension cord. Ice, salt, judging cups, and sampling spoons will be provided by TRAE.
  6. No raw eggs or uncooked egg product. Raw eggs must be heated to at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit if used in the ice cream recipe.
  7. Participants must provide all ingredients for their recipe and utensils needed to make and serve.
  8. Recipe MUST be displayed at their table to alert any people who are allergic to certain ingredients. (If you think it's a winning recipe, you may want to have extra copies to hand out!)
  9. Finished product must be ready for judging by 2:00 PM on Saturday September 22 at the Decatur County Fairgrounds Building.
  10. Prizes for each category are: 1st Place: $50.00, 2nd Place: $25.00, and 3rd Place: $15.00

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